Celebrating 50th Class Reunion

We Seek the Higher Things"  ~CHS 1967 Class Motto
Celebrating Black History Month

I thank God for the wonderful time we all had at our 40th class reunion.  It was indeed a glorious time of reflection enjoyed by all of us. 

I would like to thank the reunion commitee for all of their hard work and dedication to this grand occasion.

I'd like to thank our state contacts for all of their phone calls and communication making sure everyone was notified and encouraged to come.

I'd like to thank the CHS alumni, our special guests, and family members who came and attended and blessed our hearts.

I'd like to thank Second Baptist Church's pastor and members for their kindness in letting us host many of our meetings at their church.  God bless you all.

I'd like to thank all of the volunteers.  Without you, all of the planning and attention to detail could not have been carried through.

I would also like to thank the businesses of Oxford, the schools, and especially to Mayor Richard Howorth, his staff, and to the entire city of Oxford.

We will continue to run this website with the intention of posting reunion pictures and current information relevant to our class so please keep visiting this site for more updates.  If you haven't submitted any pictures from the reunion, we ask that you do that soon for all of us to enjoy.

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